Sterile Surgical Face Mask (50 units)

R250.00 R150.00 INCLUDING VAT

  • Place of Origin: China
  • Material:100% polypropylene+ 25gsm melt-blown cloth
  • Color: White / blue or green
  • Type: Anti-smog, Dust-proof,Surgical, Anti-Virus
  • Middle Ply: 25gsm melt-blown cloth (filter) BFE>97%
  • Size:17.5*9.5CM
  • Feature:Flexible and soft,eco-friendly
  • Excellent bacterial and particle filtration combined with good breath ability.
  • Recommended for ISO Class 3 or higher cleanroom environments
  • Cert:CE,ISO,LA  GB/T 32610-2016
  • Product name:N95 disposable nonwoven face mask
  • 10pcs/pouch


N95 Standard Sterile Surgical Face Mask providing high particle and bacterial filtration efficiency, the face mask is manufactured from cleanroom compatible materials to reduce contamination into the controlled environment.

The N in the N95 mask means not resistant to oil, which means it is not oil-proof, but it has excellent filtering effect. 95 means it can filter out at least 95% of influenza virus, dust, pollen, smog, and smoke and other fine particles; why Virus bacteria and dust can be filtered out. The answer lies in the electrostatic melt-blown cloth in the middle layer of the mask.

In the production process of melt-blown fabrics, the fibers can be made fine, and the holes in the fibers can capture dust and particles. At the same time, the static electricity is attached to the fabric through the electric method. When the virus bacteria penetrate the surface layer to the middle layer, Static electricity will attract all virus bacteria, which is why melt-blown cloth is known as the “heart of the mask”.


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