50g Disposable Coverall

R150.00 R85.00 INCLUDING VAT

  • Made up of special high non absorbent material.
  • Blood, water & chemical repellent
  • Reduces glare under light, suitably coloured.
  • Soft, lightweight, comfortable & easy to wear-Non woven Spunbond PP fabric
    50 gram disposable coverall is designed to protect the users torso, arms, legs and head from hazards of fine particulate contact in harmful environments.


• 50 GSM non- woven spun bond polypropylene
• Disposable full body
• Fluid repellent
• Nylon zipper at the front
• Elasticated Sleeves, Hem and Hood of the coverall

SIZES AVAILABLE: • Medium, large and extra large

WARNING: Avoid intense Heat, direct naked flame, sparks or hot surfaces. The coverall can begin to melt at 120`C

Note: To prevent injury , clean the suit first if it is covered in a contaminant.


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